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Trails & Spurs

City Walk

The City Walk consists of 17 landmarks where much of the Packers’ history unfolded over their first 50 years. The City Walk starts at the Neville Public Museum, 210 Museum Place, and ends across the street at what was formerly the Chicago & North Western train depot.

Many of the plaques on the City Walk can be seen by foot. For a few plaques, visitors may choose to drive to City Stadium and Curly Lambeau's birthplace.

Free parking is located at the Neville Public Museum at 210 Museum Place


Packing Plant Spur

The spur is designed as a seven-mile, round-trip, self-guided bike ride. The Spur starts at the edge of Baird Street at the beginning of the Cora Vanderperren Trail, just north of City Stadium, and follows blacktopped stretches of both the East River Greenway and the Baird Creek Parkway.

No bike pass is needed to ride the East River or Baird Creek trails, but there also are no public restrooms along the way.

There are 4 plaque locations on the Spur; however, you can also see City Stadium at the start of the Cora Vanderperren Trail. You will see:

  • Packers Practice Fields (N. Baird St.)
  • Riverside Ballroom (1650 Main St.)
  • Bellevue Park (1613 Main St.)
  • Indian Packing Plant & Acme Packing Plant (Main St. & Elizabeth St.)

If you venture onto the Kress Trail, you will be able to see portions of the Indian Packing Plant/Acme Packing Plant building which still remain.


Lambeau - Lombardi Spur

The Lambeau-Lombardi Spur leads to several sites associated with Lombardi and Lambeau and leads to St. Norbert College, the training camp home of the Packers since 1958.

There are four commemorative plaques along the Lambeau-Lombardi Spur. Two are located at the sites: the Union Hotel and St. Norbert College. The two other plaques are located near Curly Lambeau’s Gravesite and the Lombardi Family Home.

The Lambeau-Lombardi Spur follows the scenic Fox River State Trail from Green Bay to De Pere with three side trips to the sites before continuing over the De Pere Bridge to St. Norbert.

The Lambeau-Lombardi Spur was designed as a 12½-mile bike ride from the start of the Fox River Trail to St. Norbert and back.


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