Educational Activities

At the Packers Hall of Fame, we hope to provide educational resources that can offer ways for parents, teachers and schools to engage in the rich history of the Packers. 


Download a variety of Packers themed activities to test your skills.


  • Combine Comparison

    Combine Comparison

    See how you measure up against Packers athletes in combine activities.
    Download Activity
  • Drafting a Dream Team

    Drafting a Dream Team

    Create a five player NFL "Dream Team."
    Download Activity
  • Green Bay Packers Word Scramble

    Green Bay Packers Word Scramble

    See how many words you can sepell from the words "Green Bay Packers"
    Download Activity
  • Mascot Matchup

    Mascot Matchup

    Match the team mascots to the clues for each of the 32 NFL teams.
    Download Activity
  • Packers Hall of Fame Word Search

    Packers Hall of Fame Word Search

    Can you find all twenty words?
    Download Activity
  • Super Bowl Scoring

    Super Bowl Scoring

    Using the NFL point system, determine the various ways the Packers could have reached their final score in each Super Bowl victory.
    Download Activity
  • Trading Card Design

    Trading Card Design

    Create a trading card for your favorite player.
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  • Additional Resources

    Additional Resources

    Check out other educational content on
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  • Pro Football HoF Activity Guide

    Pro Football Hall of Fame Activities

    Check out the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Packers themed activities.
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Packers HoF Word Search - Answer Key




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