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Senior Series & Wednesdays

Seniors who are 62 and over can visit the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame on Wednesdays for additional discount off admission.  Enjoy the Hall of Fame for $10 per person. 

As a part of Senior Wednesdays, the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame will offer Senior Series events on the third Wednesday of the month.
Guests are offered the opportunity to take part in daytime versions of our regular events such as Art Tours, Hands on History, Curator Chats and guest speakers.
Senior Series is not restricted to adults 62 and over, everyone is welcome.

upcoming events: 

  • October 16: Community Stories
    • The Packers have one of the most unique community connections in professional sports, which is illustrated by numerous community landmarks, player owned businesses, and team hangouts throughout the town.  Join us as we reminisce and recall colorful stories about the team and the city’s inseparable bond.
  • November 20: Just the Ticket
    • The Packers have played over 1300 games in their 100 year history. Explore a century’s worth of Packers history through Tickets.

ADMISSION RATES - Price varies by event.

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