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Tundra Tales Reading Program

The Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame is ready to kick off 2020 with the Tenth Annual Tundra Tales At-Home Reading Program for students in 4K through eighth grade. The Tundra Tales Program is meant to develop lifelong reading habits by encouraging children to read at home. Participants will be able to read their way to scoring admission to the Packers Hall of Fame!


Remember, Tundra Tales is open to anyone: individual classrooms, entire schools, Parent Teacher Organizations, virtual schools, after school programs, homeschools, and even individual families.


The Tundra Tales program runs from Monday, January 20, 2020 – Sunday, March 22, 2020. During this time, 4K through fifth grade participants must read or be read to for an average of 60 minutes per week outside of the school day for eight weeks, for a TOTAL of 480 minutes. Sixth through eighth grade participants must read for an average of 90 minutes per week outside of the school day for eight weeks, a TOTAL of 720 minutes. An extra week to achieve the total goal has been included to accommodate school schedules and spring breaks.


Coordinators must register their participants by Friday, January 10, 2020.


For more information, please reference our Coordinator Letter.



grant program

In addition to the ultimate individual reading prize, the Hall of Fame Admission Voucher, participants who complete the program can help earn a grant to use towards literacy resources for their class or school

The purpose of this grant is to help promote and incentivize engagement in and completion of the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame Tundra Tales Program. This allows the Hall of Fame and the Green Bay Packers to reinvest in the schools and students that have participated.

Coordinators do not need to register for this opportunity separately.  By registering for Tundra Tales, schools and classrooms are automatically in contention for receiving an award.  Since funding eligibility is based on completion percentage, it is important that initial registration numbers are accurate.


Tundra Tales Grant Parameters

Each school or classroom that has a 75%, or higher, completion rate for the program is eligible to receive an incentive.  The award breakdown is as follows:

  • Homeschools, schools or classrooms with 15 or fewer registered participants:
    • Receive a signed autograph card from a Packers alumni for each participant who completes the program.
  •  Homeschools, schools or classrooms with 16-25 registered participants:
    • Receive a $50 grant to put towards literacy resources.
  • Schools or classrooms with 26-50 registered participants: 
    •  Receive a $75 grant to put towards literacy resources.
  •  Schools or classrooms with 51-75 registered participants completions:
    •  Receive a $100 grant to put towards literacy resources.
  • Schools or classrooms with 76-500 registered participants: 
    • Receive a $100 - $500 grant based on completion totals. 
    • Grants begin at $100 for 76 participants, with an additional $15 for every 10 participants, up to $500 for the total grant.

Grant funding MUST be used towards literacy resources (books, online magazines subscriptions, etc.).

Grant funding is provided through Green Bay Packers Give Back and is open to non-profit organizations only.

Checks will be made out to schools or districts, with letters specifying how those funds should be distributed to individual teachers or classrooms.  In order to release funding, the Green Bay Packers Community Outreach department must have a W9 on file.  W9 forms are available upon request.



reading lists

Early Chapter Books for Animal Lovers

Magic, Jokes and Gaming Books for Early Readers

Rhyming Read-Alouds for Early Readers

Recommendations – Grades 4-8

Hidden Strengths – Grades 4-8

Librarians Choice: Board Books, Picture Books, Beginning Readers, Chapter Books, Nonfiction

Spanish: Beginning Readers, Picture Books

Story Starters/Writing Prompts: Elementary School

Story Starters/Writing Prompts: Middle School

Wordless Picture Books: PreK-Kindergarten

Wordless Picture Books: Elementary School

Wordless Picture Books: Middle School




For additional information regarding Tundra Tales or other educational programming email