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Tundra Tales Reading Program

The Tundra Tales Program is meant to develop lifelong reading habits by encouraging children to read at home. Participants will be able to read their way to scoring admission to the Packers Hall of Fame!

Remember, Tundra Tales is open to anyone: individual classrooms, entire schools, Parent Teacher Organizations, virtual schools, after school programs, homeschools, and even individual families.

For the program, 4K through fifth grade participants must read or be read to for an average of 60 minutes per week outside of the school day for eight weeks, for a TOTAL of 480 minutes. Sixth through eighth grade participants must read for an average of 90 minutes per week outside of the school day for eight weeks, a TOTAL of 720 minutes. An extra week to achieve the total goal has been included to accommodate school schedules and spring breaks.

More information for the 2020 Tundra Tales Reading Program will be available this fall.



    This version of the program consists of four two-week segments, breaking the entire program into quarters, just like a football game. Every two weeks, Coordinators will be required to submit their participant completion numbers for that quarter. The timeline follows the standard eight weeks. If your spring break falls within the course of the program, we have planned an “overtime” ninth week to accommodate and adjust your schedule.

    Participants who complete the required minutes for each quarter will receive a Packers themed prize. There will be a total of three quarterly prizes. At the end of the fourth quarter, participants who have met the final reading goal will receive a Packers Hall of Fame voucher, good for one free participant admission and one reduced price adult admission. Prizes will be mailed to Coordinators for distribution as soon as each quarter’s completion numbers are received.

    If participants miss the mark for the quarter, this does not disqualify them from the final prize, the Hall of Fame voucher, as long as they complete the total number of required minutes by the end of the program.
    This version of the program requires the Coordinator to submit their participant completion number only once, and may appeal to Coordinators with a large number of participants. Participants in this option are not eligible for the quarterly incentives, but will qualify for the final prize, the Hall of Fame admission voucher.


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